Where Is the Friend’s Home?

Drama |Persian with English subtitles| 87 minutes

A school in rural Iran has an extremely strict school teacher. Ahmed, a student, realizes when he gets home that he mistakenly took his classmate Mohamed’s notebook. If Mohamed shows up the next morning without his notebook, the teacher will surely expel him. A determined Ahmed sets out to the neighboring village searching for Mohamed to return his notebook. But the search becomes frustrating as the villagers do not know where Mohamed lives. Ahmed is heartbroken as he feels responsible if Mohamed is expelled. But Ahmed, being a bright and resourceful young man, comes up with a solution that rescues Mohamed.


Babek Ahmedpour (Ahmed) / Ahmed Ahmedpour (Mohamed) / Kheda Barech Defai (Teacher)
Why Stream This Film?
Iranian filmmaker Bahman Ghobadi said, “I always have this film in mind because of the director’s profound perspective on filmmaking and its strange and distinct structure.” The film is also a metaphor about civil duty, loyalty, and everyday heroics.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 100%
  • Fajr Film Festival: Winner, Best Film; Best Director (Abbas Kiarostami); Best Screenplay (Kiarostami); Best Cinematography (Farhad Saba)
  • Faro Island Film Festival: Nominated, Best Film
  • The film received a perfect 100% Rotten Tomatoes score

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I highly recommend all of Abbas Kiarostami’s films, but to start with I’d suggest WHERE IS the FRIEND’S HOME,  the simplest and most moving of his films.
Jeffrey M. Anderson

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