Working Woman

2018 | Drama | 93 minutes | Hebrew with English subtitles


Orna is a married mother of three. Her husband, Ofer, opened a restaurant but it’s struggling. To help support the family, Orna lands a job working for Benny, an Israeli real estate developer. She becomes successful and making good money as she helps Benny sell the condo apartments he’s building. But she now faces two excruciating problems: Her husband’s jealousy and Benny’s predatory behavior. Orna loves her job but it may be more than she anticipated when she took it. She’s a strong woman and she must now find a way of extricating herself from a very miserable situation.

Liron Ben-Shlush (Orna) / Oshri Cohen (Ofer) / Menashe Noy (Benny)
Why Stream This Film?
 The serious issues of workplace sexual harassment grip employees the world over. Many women (and men) are no longer fearful of revealing how they were abused. Perhaps it takes a simply told indie film like Working Woman to highlight what it’s really like. Anyone who cares about how people are treated at work should see this remarkable film.  
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 97%
  • Metacritic Score: 79
  • Toronto International Film Festival: Nominated, Best Film, Contemporary World Cinema
  • Jerusalem Film Festival: Nominated, Best Film
  • Chicago International Film Festival: Nominated, Best Film


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The distinction of WORKING WOMAN, directed and written by Michal Aviad, is that it doesn’t gussy up, or melodramatize, the story. It’s a steadfast piece of work, shot mostly in long, hand-held takes, and this approach reinforces the inescapability of Orna’s plight. In some ways, WORKING WOMAN is a species of horror film.
Peter Rainer

The Christian Science Monitor

WORKING WOMAN couldn’t be more relevant or contemporary, but to characterize it that narrowly is to do this fine film a disservice. It’s more than a feature that makes compelling drama out of workplace sexual harassment; it’s an excellent work by any standard, a subtle and insightful character-driven drama that will compel anyone who cares about the interplay of personalities on-screen.
Kenneth Turan

Los Angeles Times

The Israeli feature, WORKING WOMAN, unfolds like a psychological thriller—a procedural that, as it tightens its grip, captures how workplace harassment slowly takes over one woman’s life.
Ben Kenigsberg

The New York Times

WORKING WOMAN tells a story that’s timely yet timeless. WORKING WOMAN is a part of that global and cultural conversation, yet it never loses that personal focus of one woman’s experience.
Monica Castillo



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