Y Tu Mamá También

Drama | In Spanish with English subtitles | 106 minutes


Two teenaged best friends, Julio and Tenoch, decide to take a trip together when their respective girlfriends depart for a vacation to Italy. At a wedding they meet Luisa, the wife  of Jano, Tenoch’s cousin. Luisa  is sexy, worldly, and ten years older than Julio and Tenoch. The boys encourage Luisa to join them  as they head  to a secluded beach called Boca del Cielo. At first Luisa is reluctant, but when she hears  her husband Jano was cheating on her, she agrees. The three set off, driving through rural Mexico. They pass the time talking about past relationships and sexual experiences. After a tearful Luisa leaves a message on Jano’s telephone that their marriage is over, she is compelled to explain to Julio and Tenoch about the meaning of a true sexual relationship. It ends up being a trip Julio, Tenoch, and Luisa will never forget.    
Gael Garcia Bernal (Julio) / Diego Luna (Tenoch) / Maribel Verdú (Luisa)
Why Stream This Film?
 Rotten Tomatoes Critics Consensus stated  “it’s a road movie that’s not only sexy, but intelligent as well.” A rare combination!  
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 92%
  • Metacritic Score: 88
  • Academy Awards: Nominated, Best Original Screenplay (Alfonso and Carlos Cuarón)
  • Boston Society of Film Critics Awards: Winner, Best Foreign Language Film
  • National Board of Review: Winner, Best Foreign Language Film
  • New York Film Critics Circle Awards: Best Foreign Language Film
Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN is an exuberant exercise in interlocking stories. But these stories interlock not in space and time, but in what is revealed, what is concealed, and in the parallel world of poverty through which the rich characters move.
Roger Eber


Alfonso Cuarón works with a quicksilver fluidity, and the movie is fast, funny, unafraid of sexuality and finally devastating. The director’s lucid storytelling skills and his instinct for getting at unsettling emotional states are huge parts of this film’s power.
Elvis Mitchell

The New York Times

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