Hemingway by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick

Series | English | 1 season (3 episodes) Each episode is 2 hours | Original Release: 2021


Hemingway “loved being in love,” commented writer Michael Katakis. “He married four times over the course of his tumultuous life and had three sons. His relationships with women – his mother, sisters, wives, and the World War I nurse who broke his heart – profoundly affected his work.” And yet, as the riveting series so remarkably points out, in his novels he writes about these people with sensitivity, nuance, and clarity. 

Major Participants: Peter Coyote (Narrator) / Jeff Daniels (Voice of Ernest Hemingway) / Patricia Clarkson (Voice of Grace Hemingway) / Keri Russell (Voice of Dorothy Parker) / Mary-Louise Parker (Voice of Marcelline Hemingway) / Patrick Hemingway (Self, second son)
Why Stream This Film?
Guaranteed! After seeing this series you’ll be ordering one, two, or maybe all  of Hemingway’s novels on Amazon.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 90%
  • Metacritic Score: 89
  • A sure Emmy nominee (and possible winner) for best TV series, Non-Fiction.
HEMINGWAY is an engaging and beautifully constructed character study and proof that whatever Burns chooses to cover as a filmmaker will more than likely become the definitive documentary on that specific topic. In Hemingway’s case, it’s a story that is a lot more sensitive than one could’ve imagined.
Kiko Martinez


Leave it to the legendarily thorough and consistently brilliant Ken Burns and Lynn Novick to go far beyond the easy clichés and deliver the definitive biography of arguably the most famous and accomplished and celebrated writer of the 20th century. It’s essential viewing for those only passingly familiar with Hemingway and might be motivated to sample his works after watching the series.
Ricard Roeper

Chicago Sun Times



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