Keeping Faith

Series / Welsh with English subtitles / 2 seasons (14 episodes). Each episode is 60 minutes / Original Release: 2017


They seem to be the perfect Welsh family: Faith, a beautiful mother and wife, three adorable kids, and Evan, a warm-hearted successful husband. Evan heads a family law firm. One morning he heads for work and disappears. Faith, in a business suit and high heels, must cover for him at the office while leaving angry phone messages for him to call her. The police feel there’s a rational explanation to his disappearance. But Faith begins to find out that she may not have known Evan as well as she thought. Faith learns  Evan has been getting help from a therapist. The final shocker is that Faith learns that Evan is serving a four year sentence in a halfway house. What’s Evan up to? Has he been unfaithful? Is he involved in some so-called shady dealings? Can this family, that from all outward appearances seems perfect, unravel?
Eve Myles (Faith Howells) / Bradley Freegard (Evan Howells)
Why Stream This Film?
We tend to think of great mystery shows being filmed only in major countries like the U.S., England, and France. But from Wales? It’s remarkable that this tiny outpost of the United Kingdom could produce such a riveting mystery series. It’s a real eye-opener. 
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 100%
  • Welsh BAFTA Awards: Winner, Best Actress (Eve Myles); Best Writer (Matthew Hall); Best Original Music (Amy Wadge and Laurence Love Greed)
  • With an average of 300,000 viewers per episode, it was the most popular show on BBC Wales for 25 years.
  • “Keeping Faith” received a perfect 100% score from Rotten Tomatoes.
Welsh noir is picking up the baton from knackered old Scandi noir. KEEPING FAITH, created by Matthew Hall and directed by Pip Broughton, is its flagship.
David Sexton


“KEEPING FAITH” gripped Wales throughout its eight-part run, and I can surely see why. A toothsome plot, indeed. But what gives it its life force is Eve Myles in surely a (deserved) breakout role. Myles is equally at ease gassing drunkenly with Cardiff mates, bouncing babies, and grittily uncovering tracks.
Euan Ferguson


The biggest draw is Eve Myles as Faith Howells. Faith is well-drawn and Myles embodies her completely. Her Faith is full of color and life. Her Faith is also warmth and charm, temper and frustration. Her Faith seems absolutely real. There’s no way you could ever tire of watching Eve Myles.
Deborah Ross

London Daily Mail

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