No Second Chance

 Film Series | French with English subtitles | 1 season (6 episodes). Each episode is between 50 and 60  minutes | Original Release: 2016


While Dr. Alice Lambert is warming the bottle for her six-month old daughter, Tara, two gun shots are fired into the kitchen. When Alice awakens from a coma a week later, she learn that her husband is dead and Tara is missing. While the police investigate, Alice is driven to find Tara. Tara’s kidnappers now contact Alice and demand a ransom for her return. Alice turns to Richard, her first love, a former criminal investigator, for guidance. Alice will go as far as it takes to get her daughter back. But as she descends into her own private hell, dark secrets about the past begin to surface. 

Alexandra Lamy (Dr. Alice Lambert) / Pascal Elbe (Richard)
Why Stream This Film?
If ever there is a film series worth streaming, this one is it. 
Spellbinding fiction.

Le Figaro

A breathtaking thriller.

Le Parisien

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