Prisoners of War (Hatufim)

Series | Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles | 2 seasons (24 episodes). Each episode is 46 to 60  minutes | Original Release: March 6, 2010


Nimrode and Uri have just been released, in a prisoner exchange, after spending 17 years being tortured in a Syrian prison. After a brief joyous reunion with families, Nimrode and Uri experience more pain and anguish. In his absence, Uri is crushed when he hears his brother Yaki married his fiancée Nurit. Meanwhile, Nimrode finds he cannot relate to his teenage son and daughter who barely remember him. But both lives become especially nightmarish when Israel Defense Forces (IDF)  psychiatrist, Dr. Haim Cohen, starts to relentlessly interrogate them.  The IDF fears that when both were prisoners, experiencing unbearable torture and brutality,  they might have  revealed Israeli military secrets and vital security information. It’s up to Dr. Cohen to use every method at his disposal to determine if and what the prisoners revealed. This is not what Nimrode and Uri expected on their return to freedom. Are they heroes or are they traitors? 

Yoram Toledano (Nimrode Klein) / Ishai Golan (Uri Zach) / Yael Abecassis (Talia Klein) / Mili Avital (Nurit Halevi-Zach) / Mickey Leon (Yaki Zach) / Gal Zaid (Dr. Haim Cohen)
Why Stream This Film?
Two Israeli POWs are released after being tortured for 17 years in a Syrian prison. While the film has many uplifting moments, it also has its share of challenges. If viewers can look past some of the brutal torture scenes, and the intense IDF interrogations, this series will provide a clear understanding of what POWs, particularly Israeli POWS, often endure after they are released and return home.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 100%
  • Israel Academy Awards: Winner, Best TV Drama;  Best Director (Gideon Raff); Best Actor (Ishai Golan; Best Actress (Yael Abecassis)
  • The film received a perfect 100% Rotten Tomatoes Score

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PRISONERS of WAR smolders rather than burns. It’s a thoughtful, psychological thriller—without the sniping and bombs.
Sam Wollaston


PRISONERS of WAR is an ensemble drama in which the cloak-and-dagger side is secondary to a naturalistic study of the effects of torture, absence, and the return of ordinary men to their families.
Mike Hale

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