Film Series | In English | Original Release: April 22, 2013 | 4 Seasons (30 episodes). Each episode is between 43 and 68 minutes


Daniel Holden was wrongfully imprisoned as a teenager for the death of his girlfriend. After enduring 19 years on death row, DNA testing is ordered and it proves he did not commit this crime. Daniel is now a free man and he returns to his hometown, Paulie, Georgia. But if Daniel expected an embrace and a warm welcome, he’s in for a rude awakening. The ex-prosecutor (now a State Senator) still thinks Daniel is guilty and he’s out to prove that the DNA analysis was incorrect. Daniel’s stepfather is also convinced of his guilt as are many of the townspeople. Daniel was next in line to run the family auto parts business but this is now being challenged by his stepbrother who feels he has first dibs. Daniel’s only active supporters are his sister Amantha and his lawyer Jon Stern. Experiencing these setbacks, Daniel begins to feel that being free, after 19 years behind bars, can make for a  difficult adjustment.

Aden Young (Daniel Holden) / Abigail Spencer (Amantha Holden) / Luke Kirby (Attorney Jon Stern) / Michael O’Neill (State Senator Roland Foukes)
Why Stream This Film?
We’ve all read and heard of the many convicted prisoners who were joyfully exonerated after DNA proved their innocence. Some were incarcerated for many years before they were set free. However, there has not been much said or written about the adjustments these people faced when they re-entered society. That’s why RECTIFY is such an important film series. Furthermore, it’s brilliantly written with a superb cast.   
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 90%
  • Metacritic Score: 82
  • Critics’ Choice Television Award:  Aden Young for Best Actor and Abigail Spencer for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. 
  • The series received a Peabody Award with the following citation: “A powerful, subtle dramatic series about a death-row inmate released after nearly two decades thanks to new DNA evidence, it ponders whether what’s been ever lost can ever be repaid, not just to him but to everyone he and his alleged crimes touched.”

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RECTIFY is about a man who is wrenched from the world he once knew, then returns to find it, and himself, changed almost beyond recognition. The show explores this at length, at its own pace, taking time without seeming to take time. RECIFY‘s straightforwardness is refreshing.
Brian Lowry


It’s a breathtaking work of immense beauty and a thought-provoking meditation on the nature of crime and punishment, of identity and solitude, of guilt and absolution. It is, quite simply, the best new show this year. With RECTIFY, filmmaker McKinnon creates a world of light and darkness, and of heaven and hell, one that exerts a powerful gravity from which it is impossible to escape. Still, there are glimpses of pure joy to be found here,  moments of profound beauty and intensity that are unlike anything else on television.
Jace Lacob

Daily Beast

A brilliant show. A deeply complicated and nuanced story is being told. Eventually people will discover it and devour it, and they’ll share in the wonder of its existence. RECTIFY is a validation for television.
Tim Goodman & Daniel Fienberg

The Hollywood Reporter

It immerses the viewer in a gloriously rich and careful study of how endurance and faith, strength and surrender, fear and serenity, balance to form the essential nature of humanity. It’s television as a prose poem.
Mary McNamara

Los Angeles Times

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