The Heavy Water

Series | Norwegian, German, French with English subtitles | 1 season (6 episodes). Each episode is 45 minutes


During World War II, Hitler was determined to beat the U.S. in developing an atomic bomb. If successful, Hitler would    change the course of the war. An essential ingredient in making the bomb was heavy water. Norway, occupied by Germany, was the country that had the most advanced hydroelectric plant for manufacturing heavy water. Working from London, British intelligence, headed by Colonel John Skinner Wilson and Captain Julie Smith, recruited a crack team of ten soldiers to parachute into snowy Norway to sabotage the hydro plant making heavy water. The major German scientist working on the atomic project was Nobel Prize winner Werner Heisenberg. He was a loyal German but became aware of the grave consequences if he succeeded. Heisenberg quoted Einstein,”Do not worry if war serves  science, only if science serves war.” 

Christoph Bach (Werner Heisenberg) / Anna Friel (Captain Julie Smith)  / Pip Torrens (Colonel John Skinner Wilson)
Why Stream This Series?
During World War II there was a race between Germany and the U.S.  to develop the atomic bomb. The Heavy Water frighteningly depicts how close Germany was to winning the race and thus changing the course of the war.
  • Biarritz International Festival: Winner, Best TV series
  • Golden Screen, Norway: Winner, Best TV Drama; Best Director (Per-Olav Sørensen; Best Actor (Dennis Storhøi)
  • Prix Italia: Winner, Best TV Drama

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While Denmark and Sweden dominate the Scandi-drama market, here’s a gripping yarn generated in Norway that sidesteps slate-grey contemporary angst and instead shows how an old fangled, true-life wartime adventure should be done.
Andrew Collins

The Guardian

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