The War by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick

Series | English | 1 season (7 episodes) Each episode is 2 hours | Original Release: 2007


The series vividly recounts the experiences of World War II veterans who now live in four U.S. towns: Luverne, Minnesota; Mobile Alabama; Sacramento, California;  Waterbury, Connecticut. The seven episodes are: (1) “A Necessary War,” (2) “When Things Get Tough,” (3) “A Deadly Calling,” (4) “Pride of our Nation,” (5) “FUBAR,” (6) “The Ghost Front,” and (7) “A World Without War.”

Major Participants (Voices): Adam Arkin / Tom Hanks / Keith David / Samuel L. Jackson / Josh Lucas / Bobby Cannavale / Eli Wallach
Major Participants (Interviewed): Daniel Inouye / Sidney Phillips / Joe Medicine Crow / Paul Fussell
Why Stream This Film?
It’s a fact:  in the hands of Ken Burns and Lynn Novick you’ll get a series that’s articulate, comprehensive, and memorable. Although the Rotten Tomatoes score was low, The War received a near perfect 9/10 IMDb score.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 67%
  • Primetime Emmy Award Winners: Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming (Geoffrey C. Ward); Outstanding Directing for Nonfiction Programming (Ken Burns, Lynn Novick)
  • Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards: Nominated, Best Picture Made for Television
Burns’s familiar narrative, abetted by Geoffrey C. Ward’s intelligent script, is to shuttle between period footage, superbly edited newsreel and family photos. Since veterans of World War II are dying at a rate of a thousand a day, it’s about the survivors who remember both who it is they used to be and the 408,000 fellow Americans who didn’t make it.
John Leonard

NEW YORK Magazine

Even the most impervious will be made to sniffle and sob like children when hearing some of these veterans’ stories.
Heather Havrilesky


A once-in-a-lifetime viewing.
Jonathan Storm

The Philadelphia Inquirer

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