Series | In German with English subtitles | 4 Seasons (24 episodes. Each episode is 50 minutes) | Original Release: September 14, 2010 


This series grievously depicts the deep-divide between two families in Communist East Germany before unification. Hans Kupfer, and his son Falk, are senior officers at the East German Security office. Hans’s younger son, Martin, is on the police force. Martin meets Julia when he pulls her over  for speeding. He is immediately smitten. However, it ain’t going to be easy. Julia is the daughter of Dunja Hausmann, a famous cafe singer, who is in serious trouble with the police for singing songs that are critical of the regime. When Hans and Falk hear about Martin’s infatuation with Julia, they go ballistic. After all, Martin is carousing with the enemy. Meanwhile, Dunja is warning her daughter Julia that such an affair can only lead to misfortune. The devious Falk aggressively tries to break up the relationship. He sees this as a way of rising in the ranks. Hans does the same but in a gentler way. It doesn’t happen. Love triumphs but it comes with a very high price for both families.  Hans is conflicted about all this because Dunja Hausmann was his former mistress. As a government official, Hans is aware that Martin is looking for trouble with this relationship. But, unlike his affair with Dunja, he doesn’t want Martin to lose his one chance of finding love. Weaving in and out of the conflicts between these two families, we get to observe the brutal oppression by government officials on people who simply want to be free.


Uwe Kockisch (Hans Kupfer) / Jörg Hartmann (Falk Kupfer) / Florian Lukas (Martin Kupfer) / Hannah Herzsprung (Julia Hausmann) / Katrin Sass (Dunja Hausmann)

Why Stream This Film?
The series puts a face to what an oppressive Communist regime can do to its people. The series is so riveting and so illuminating, that it will break your heart.


  • German Screen Actors Awards: Best Cast in a TV Series

  • German Television Academy Awards: Best  Casting (Heta Mantscheff); Best Costume Design (Monika Hinz)

  • German Television Awards: Best Series

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THE WEISSENSEE SAGA is absolutely amazing. During an era most of us know nothing about, the storyline gives an inside look at a life restricted by government and ruled by iron will behind the Iron Curtain. In the midst of it all are people who were willing to find ways to find love and freedom. The ensemble cast is perfect in every way. The writers should be given every bit of credit for creating a saga that is stunning.
Jeri Jacquin

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