Il Posto

1961 | Italian Neorealism | 93 minutes | Italian with English subtitles

With his family in need of money, Domenico, a teenager living in a small Italian village, forgoes an education and heads for Milan looking for a job. To land the job with a big company, Domenico undergoes a bizarre series of exams, physical tests, and interviews. During a break, Domenico meets Antonietta, a young girl who also has forgone her education to find a job to support her family. They have coffee at a local cafe and discuss their ambitions and lives. When Domenico and Antonietta are assigned jobs in different departments, they lose touch. Domenico also must contend with competition from older staff members who resent the intrusion of a young worker in their midst.
Sandro Panseri (Domenico Cantoni) / Loredana Detto (Antonietta Masetti)
Why Stream This Film?
The film received a perfect 100% Rotten Tomatoes score.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 100%
  • British Film Institute Awards: Winner, Best Director, Ermanno Olmi
  • New York Film Critics Circle Awards: Nominated, Best Foreign Language Film
  • Venice Film Festival: Winner, Best Director (Ermanno Olmi)

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Ermanno Olmi’s melodrama blends satire and romance, social critique and aching sympathy into an analytical panorama of urban life. Olmi’s intimate camerawork captures his amateur performers’ delicate range of inflections, hesitations, and glimmers of feeling as their inhibitions and embarrassments begin to curdle into weary bitterness.
Richard Brody

The New Yorker

Because Olmi has a sense of style, every detail fits harmoniously into the overall purpose of the film.
Dwight Macdonald

ESQUIRE Magazine

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