House of Games

Neo-Noir | English| 102 minutes


Dr. Margaret Ford, a psychiatrist, is treating Billy Hahn, a suicidal patient. Billy tells Margaret that he is deeply in debt to a pool-shark, Mike Mancuso, and his life is in danger. Foolishly, Margaret decides to visit the pool hall and convince Mancuso to wipe out the debt. She tells Mancuso he’ll be saving a life. Mancuso is fascinated. He offers Margaret a deal: he’ll do it if she helps him con the other gamblers. Margaret agrees  while disregarding  this man is a con artist. Margaret becomes embroiled in Mancuso’s world of crime and the consequences become deadly.

Lindsay Crouse (Dr. Margaret Ford) / Joe Mantegna (Mike Mancuso) / Steven Goldstein (Billy Hahn)
Why Stream This Film?

You would think a psychiatrist would know better. But Dr. Margaret Ford is a psychiatrist who delves into dangerous situations that lead to tragic results. It’s a compelling film that will hold your undivided attention every minute.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 96%
  • Metacritic Score: 78
  • Golden Globe Awards: Nominated, Best Screenplay, Motion Picture (David Mamet)
  • London Critics Circle Film Awards: Winner, Best Film; Best Screenwriter (David Mamet)
  • Venice International Film Festival: Winner, Best Film; Best Screenplay (David Mamet)

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This movie is awake. I have seen so many films that were sleepwalking through the debris of old plots and second-hand ideas that it was a constant pleasure to watch HOUSE of GAMES, a movie about con men that succeeds not only in conning the audience, but also in creating a series of characters who seem imprisoned by the need to con, or be conned. 
Roger Ebert

The HOUSE of GAMES screenplay is the first true Mamet work to reach the screen and the direction illuminates at every turn. 
Vincent Canby

The New York Times

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