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Jun 12, 2020 | Newsletter

“The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

Cecil B. DeMille


Films about the environment can often be boringly pedantic. To prove their point these films tend to throw a lot of facts and figures that do a good job putting the viewer to sleep.

The films about the environment I’m recommending are beautifully filmed and breathtaking.  These films will open your eyes to the wonderful and different  lives that inhabit our planet. But these films will also open your eyes that these lives may soon become extinct, if we’re not careful.  That would not only be sad but extremely tragic.

Here are my seven recommendations. Take notice and be active:


The Cove

The Cove focuses on the slaughtering of thousands of dolphins every year by Japanese whaling companies…


The Ivory Game

The past five years, 120,000 elephants have been killed for their ivory; today, one elephant is slaughtered every 20 minutes…


Our Planet​

Each segment of this eight-part series documents the destruction of a major part of this planet. Highlights are: polar bears, walruses, seals, and penguins dying…


Chasing Coral

Coral reefs are the nursery for all life in the oceans, a remarkable ecosystem. However with carbon emissions warming the seas…



The survival of Virunga National Park in the Congo, the oldest park in Africa, is being threatened. Home to the world’s last mountain gorillas…



Hatidze Muratova lives with her ailing mother in an isolated village in North Macedonia where there are no roads, electricity or running water…


The Elephant Queen​

The title character is the 50-year old elephant Athena. She has the responsibility of taking care of her family, daughter Princess, toddler Wei-Wei…


Coming Soon, Can’t Wait

Jun 12: Netflix. Spike Lee’s Vietnam War film, Da 5 Bloods

Jul 03: Disney+. Original video recording of the Broadway production Hamilton

Aug 21: HBOMax. Chemical Hearts. Emotional coming-of-age story


News & Commentary

Reported by Adam B. Vary, VARIETY:

Anxiety over health and safety in public spaces still greatly outweighs the desire to leave home. Here are the results from a survey of roughly 1,000 people by analytics firm Performance Research in partnership with Full Circle Research Company. 

The question asked is, “If costs are roughly the same, would you prefer to see a first-run movie you’re excited about as a digital rental at home or in a movie theater—if both were available at the same time?”

The results:
70%—Most likely to watch at home
17%—Not sure
13%—More likely to watch in a theater

Commentary: Those results shocked me. For sure, as people become more comfortable  that theaters are absolutely safe, these percentages will change. But change is going to take time if theaters will require patrons to wear masks and sit at least six feet from their neighbor. Another question to ponder: if theaters will be admitting fewer patrons in order to maintain distance, will they increase their prices?  


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