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May 22, 2020 | Newsletter

“The only safe thing is to take a chance.”

Mike Nichols


From time to time we  need to be uplifted. These days we need it more than ever. While you’re confined at home, brooding about the “good old days,” a wonderful way to cheer up is to stream these inspiring films: 


Queen of Katwe

Phiona is a 10-year-old living in Katwe, a slum in Kampala Uganda. Together with her mother…



Richard Loving, a white construction worker, falls in love with Mildred Jeter, a black woman and family friend…


Hidden Figures​

Katherine Goble, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan are brilliant mathematicians recruited to work at NASA in the United States Space Program…


The African Queen​

Staying in a flophouse, two vagrants, Fred Dobbs and Bob Curtin, encounter Howard, a grizzled but wise old prospector…


City Lights

The Tramp (Charlie Chaplin), while clowning around the city, encounters a beautiful Flower Girl on the street corner…


Coming Soon, Can’t Wait

Jun 12: Netflix. Spike Lee’s Vietnam War film, Da 5 Bloods

Jul 03: Disney+. Original video recording of the Broadway production Hamilton

Aug 21: HBOMax. Chemical Hearts. Emotional coming-of-age story


News & Commentary

“Cooped up at home, viewers are discovering the magic of movies, for escape and enlightenment, more than ever before. The Oscars and streaming have reached a detente. For one year and one year only, streaming films can be nominated for the 2021 Academy Awards. After 2021, the Oscars should wake up, shake off their snobbery and embrace film’s most essential element: its audience.”—Johnny Oleksinski, New York Post

Commentary: Theaters have received some bad news recently: Universal is now questioning the 90-day window and looking to release films in theaters simultaneously with the digital run; HBOMax will be launching in July and Peacock in the Spring of 2021;   AMC, Cineworld and Regal need  infusions of capital;  Roku is up 49% in 2020;  Netflix streamed 6.1 billion hours of content in April, up from an average of 5 billion hours. It’s true that most of these developments are due to the closure of theaters while COVID-19 is raging around the country. But, even when theaters reopen, it will not be the same. 


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A Man Called Ove

A Man Called Ove

Ove Lindahl lives in a Swedish townhouse neighborhood. He’s had three recent emotional setbacks: he was deposed of his chairmanship of the neighborhood association, six months ago he lost his beloved wife, Sonja…

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A New Leaf

A New Leaf

Henry Graham, a playboy who inherited a substantial amount of money, has been informed by his lawyer that he’s dead-broke. He spent all his wealth on maintaining a profligate lifestyle. Henry has no skills and no interest in pursuing work…

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Miami-born Carl Casper is the head chef of the high-end Gauloise Restaurant in Brentwood, California…

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