With hundreds of digital platforms offering thousands of films available for streaming, and with these numbers growing exponentially each year, 

what films are worth streaming?

We recommend the best films currently available for streaming. And, most assuredly, we will recommend films you might never have considered. 

“There’s that ever-present dilemma of streaming TV: finding something to watch. You open Netflix and browse for a while, then close it and open HBO Now only to do the same before hitting Amazon Prime and Hulu and Tubi. Before you know it, you’ve spent your movie-watching window staring at thumbnails.”

David Pierce

Wall Street Journal (April 24, 2019)

The process is simple:

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  2. Select the film that interests you for details.



Recently added

Casting By

This documentary is a celebration of the casting profession. Before the emergence of the super-star casting directors like Marion Dougherty…

The Square

In the winter of 2011, thousands of protesters gathered in Tahrir Square to demand the removal of the dictatorial President Hosni Mubarak…

Two Women

In war-torn Rome, 1943, Cesira, a widowed shopkeeper and her daughter Rosetta, flee Rome after an Allied bombing. They head for Cesira’s birthplace…


It’s 1907 in Rome and Ida Dalser is captivated by a dynamic young socialist named Benito Mussolini. They fall in love and begin a torrid love affair…



“Digital viewing tops box office world-wide. For the first time, global audiences spent more to watch online entertainment than they did on tickets to sit in movie theaters.” 

R.T. Watson

The New York Times, March 21, 2019

“About 6 in 10 young adults in the U.S. primarily use online streaming to watch TV. The rise of online streaming services such as Netflix and HBO GO has dramatically altered the media habits of Americans, especially young adults.”

Pew Research Center

“Streaming TV shows, movies, and other types of video over the internet to all manner of devices, once a fringe benefit, is now a squarely mainstream practice. Even people still paying for cable or a satellite service often also have Netflix or Amazon Prime accounts.”

Walt Mossberg

Wall Street Journal

“Every three decades Hollywood experiences a seismic shift. It is happening again. The long-promised streaming revolution—the next great leap in how the world gets its entertainment—is finally here.”

Brooks Barnes

The New York Times


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