The Quiet Girl 

Drama | English | 94 minutes


 Nine-year-old Cáit  is withdrawn and has difficulty in school. She is “a quiet girl.” When Cáit’s mother is pregnant, she decides to send Cáit to her middle-aged cousin, Eibhlín Cinnsealach and her husband Seán.  Cáit is to spend a few months with the Cinnsealachs until the birth of the baby. Eibhlín is warm and compassionate but Seán, at first, is resentful having Cáit in the house. Seán warms up to Cáit showing her the ways to milk cows and cleaning up after the job is done. Eibhlín teaches Cáit how to peel potatoes, fetch  water from the well, and vacuum the rugs. Eventually, Cáit’s mother gives birth and it’s time for Cáit to return home.   Cáit is bereft leaving Eibhlín and Seán.  But in the few months she spent with them, Cáit has blossomed and is filled with hope.  

Catherine Clinch (Cáit) / Carrie Crowley (Eibhlín Kinsella) / Andrew Bennett (Seán Kinsella)
Why Stream This Film?
A small exquisite story of  nine-year-old Cáit spending a few months away from her dysfunctional family with a middle-aged  cousin and her husband.  With a “little ‘mindin,” Cáit begins to blossom and find hope (and love)  in her life. 
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 96%
  • Metacritic Score: 89
  • Academy Awards: Nominated, Best International Feature Film
  • Berlin International Film Festival: Winner,  Grand Prix of the International Jury
  • Dublin International Film Festival: Winner, Best Irish Film
  • London Film Critics’ Circle: Winner, Best Foreign Language Film
THE QUIET GIRL is an extraordinary, tiny, intimate, and deeply touching story of a childhood suddenly filled with that most fragile of gifts: hope.
Richard Whittaker

The Austin Chronicle

THE QUIET GIRL is one of the most exquisitely realized films of the year.
Wendy Ide

The Observer

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