All Is Well

Alles ist gut (All Good) | 2018 | Drama | 90 minutes | German with English subtitles


Janne is an unemployed thirty-something publishing professional who encounters an old friend, Robert. He offers her a job in his publishing company. At a college reunion, Janne meets Martin, a gangly, awkward guy. She invites him to her place. He thinks this is a sexual come-on. When Janne rejects his advances, he rapes her.  What complicates the situation is that Martin is Robert’s brother-in law. Also,  Martin and Janne work in the same office and they see each other regularly. When Janne runs into Martin, she pretends that nothing happened. Janne manages to be upbeat in the office, but when she’s alone she breaks down. Janne slowly plunges into an emotional freefall. 

Aenne Schwarz (Janne) / Tilo Nest (Robert) / Hans Löw (Martin)
Why Stream This Film?
Yes, you may say, a film about a woman being raped is not easy to watch. But Eva Trobisch’s sensitive direction and Aenne Schwarz searing portrayal of the raped woman, make All Is Well a very worthy film.    
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 100%
  • Metacritic Score: 82
  • Film Fest Munich: Winner, Best Young Director (Eva Trobisch); Best Young Actress (Aenne Schwarz)
  • Stockholm International Film Festival: Winner, Best Director (Eva Trobisch)
  • The film received a perfect 100% Rotten Tomatoes Score

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Trobisch focuses on the small details, looking closely at a woman who doesn’t want to be defined by the thoughtlessly inhumane thing someone else chose to do.
Noel Murray

Los Angeles Times

The feature debut from Berlin-born director Eva Trobisch features a powerhouse performance from Aenne Schwarz as a woman struggling to make sense of the world after she’s been raped. ALL IS GOOD is already a fully realized film that is much better than the work of many seasoned directors.
Boyd van Hoeij

The Hollywood Reporter

First-time director Eva Trobisch has made a searing drama about the everyday interactions that all women must navigate carefully. Trobisch has made a drama of tragic accommodation—limited not to one woman’s sexual assault, but to the everyday interactions that all women must navigate carefully.
Scott Tobias

The New York Times

A fierce, frill-free study of a woman’s response to sexual assault, this marks director Eva Trobisch and star Aenne Schwarz as names to watch. Director and actress are plainly on the same purposeful, zero-compromise page; ALL IS WELL feels the urgent benefits of their combined conviction.
Guy Lodge




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