In The Mood For Love

2000 | Drama | 98 minutes | Cantonese with English subtitles


In British Hong Kong in 1962, two young couples, Chow Mo-wan, a journalist, and his wife, rent an apartment next door to Su Li-zhen and her husband. Each spouse  works long hours, leaving their apartments for long periods. The lives of Chow and Su  interact with chance encounters and treks to the street noodle stall. Chow and Su begin to suspect that their spouses are seeing each other and having an affair. Chow  asks Su to help him with his writing assignments. As their relationship deepens, they rent a hotel room. Chow gets an assignment in Singapore. He asks Su to join him. Chow waits for her in his hotel room. When she doesn’t show up, he leaves. He returns to Hong Kong three years later. He doesn’t connect with Su, even though she is living in a nearby apartment with her son. Chow and Su felt strongly that, unlike their spouses, they were going to uphold their marital vows.  

Maggie Cheung (Su Li-zhen) / Tony Leung (Chow Mo-wan)
Why Stream This Film?
Infidelity in marriage is generally not acceptable behavior. But in the miraculous hands of director Wong Kar-wai, he focuses on these two infidelities in a way that that pack an emotional punch.   
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 90%
  • Metacritic Score: 85
  • Cannes Film Festival: Winner, Best Actor (Tony Chiu-Wai Leung)
  • César Awards, France: Winner, Best Foreign Language Film
  • New York Film Critics: Winner, Best Foreign Language Film
  • British Independent Film Awards: Winner, Best Foreign Independent Film

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IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE is the sort of film in which mood is everything: the mystery of a smile, the thrill of a furtive touch, the regret of an opportunity lost, the desolation of betrayal. It’s intelligently conceived, exquisitely crafted and flawlessly acted.
Jay Boyar

Orlando Sentinel

IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE is ravishing beyond mortal words.
Ed Gonzalez

SLANT Magazine

Its writer and director, Wong Kar-wai, is one of  that gifted new breed of moviemakers who think through the lens, and he uses that talent to give the film a heated, rapturous quality; the camera floats along, sneaking a look at the performers out of the corner of the eye. IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE is probably the most breathtakingly gorgeous film of the year, dizzy with a nose-against-the-glass romantic spirit that has been missing from the cinema.
Elvis Mitchell

The New York Times

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