Bride of Frankenstein

1935 | Horror | In English | 75 minutes


Villagers surround the burning windmill and rejoice that the the Monster is dead. But the villagers are also saddened that the scientist Henry Frankenstein was  in the wreckage and presumed dead. Unfortunately, The Monster is alive and well as he hauls himself from the wreckage and wreaks havoc with with  villagers who get in his way. Henry’s body is retrieved by his fiancé who realizes he’s still alive. Henry now renounces his creation but still seeks the secret of life and immortality. Enter Dr. Pretorius, Henry’s mentor, who is determined to create a bride for the Monster. After the bride is formed and bandaged, lightning from a storm strikes the bride. She moves. Henry and Pretorius gleefully announce their success with, “She’s alive! The bride of Frankenstein.” But sadly, the bride rejects the Monster. In a fit of anger and hurt, and shedding tears, the Monster destroys the laboratory that created him.  

NOTE: Although not necessary, it’s advisable to stream the prequel, Frankenstein. It’s available on iTunes, FandangoNow, and Vudu. But, in our opinion, and the opinion of major critics, the Bride of Frankenstein is the far superior film.  Also recommended is the film Gods and Monsters,  about famed Frankenstein director James Whale. 

Boris Karloff (The Monster) / Colin Clive (Henry Frankenstein) / Valerie Hobson (Elizabeth Frankenstein) / Ernest Thesiger (Doctor Pretorius) / Elsa Lanchester (Mary Shelley and the Monster’s wife)
Why Stream This Film?
Film critics Richard Corliss and the late Richard Schickel declared the film “one of those rare sequels that is infinitely superior to its source.”  Unlike the original, Bride has wit and compassion. It might even bring a tear to your eye.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 100%
  • Boston Herald—Second greatest horror film ever made
  • TIME Magazine—Included in all-time Best 100 Movies
  • Listed in the United States National Film Registry as being “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant.”

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This is the best of the Frankenstein movies—a sly, subversive work that smuggled shocking material past the censors by disguising it in the trappings of horror. Some movies age; others ripen. Seen today, Whale’s masterpiece is more surprising than when it was made because today’s audiences are more alert to its buried hints of homosexuality, necrophilia and sacrilege. But you don’t have to deconstruct it to enjoy it; it’s satirical, exciting, funny, and an influential masterpiece of art direction.
Roger Ebert

In more ways than one, this is a changed Monster. He is slightly moonstruck, hungry for kindness and even—oh, perish the thought—for love. Mr.Karloff is so splendid in the role that all one can say is that the Monster should become an institution.
Frank S. Nugent

The New York Times

BRIDE not only outstrips James Whale’s original foray into horror in terms of invention and visual splendor, but it stands as one of the most beguiling American films ever made.

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