Drama | English | 111 minutes


John Russell, an Apache-raised white man, returns to the white world to claim his father’s inheritance, a gold watch and a run-down boarding house. Looking like an Apache, Russell encounters prejudice and violence from the townspeople. Russell decides to leave  on the stagecoach. Sharing the stagecoach are   Professor Alexander Favor, his wife Audra, and the unsavory Cicero Grimes. Grimes is aware  Favor is carrying money he stole from the Apaches. Grimes and his gang hold up the stagecoach.  After  one of the bandits, carrying the money in his saddle bag, is killed by Russell, Grimes rides off snatching Audra as his hostage. Grimes offers to release Audra if Russell returns the money. Russell struggles with questions of morality and conscience. Should money stolen from the Apaches be returned to the thief or should Russell return the money to the Apaches and allow Grimes to kill Audra?     

Paul Newman (John Russell) / Frederic March (Reverend Alex Favor) / Richard Boone (Cicero Grimes) / Barbara Rush (Audra Favor)
Why Stream This Film?
Martin Ritt uses his incisive directorial talent to show the ethical struggle of a white American  raised by an Apache tribe.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 93%
  • Metacritic Score: 80
  • Laurel Awards: Nominated, Best Male Actor (Paul Newman); Best Supporting Actor Frederic March)
HOMBRE develops the theme that socially and morally disparate types are often thrown into uneasy, explosive alliances due to emergencies.


This year the best directed film out of Hollywood looks like it’s Martin Ritt and HOMBRE.
Roger Ebert


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