The Last Days of Lehman Brothers

Drama | English | 60 minutes


The Last Days of Lehman Brothers dramatizes the weekend before Monday, September 15th, 2008 when Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy. The firm is in desperate trouble when its real estate holdings crashed and the losses were in the billions. Lehman’s boss, Dick Fuld, and Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson feverishly try to find a company to buy Lehman Brothers. They first talk to Ken Lewis at Bank of America. Ken Lewis backs out when his auditors assert that Lehman Brothers is at least $1 billion underwater.  Terms of a buyout of Lehman  by Barclays are approved and there is jubilation in the Lehman  boardroom. However, the buyout falls apart when, under British law, Barclays cannot guarantee Lehman’s debts without shareholder approval. We know how it will end for Lehman Brothers but when it comes it’s still totally devastating.

Corey Johnson (Richard “Dick” Fuld) / James Cromwell  (Henry “Hank” Paulson) / James Bolam (Ken Lewis)
Why Stream This Film?
The extraordinary dialogue between the principal characters made this drama both realistic and quite frightening.
  • This British production gained 1 million viewers, a 5% audience share, behind England’s 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifier on ITV1.

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“Very fast moving…One of the most important – and dramatic – events of the past year.” 
Robert Epstein

The Independent on Sunday

“Craig Warner’s script consistently aimed high…The chippy competitiveness and testosterone surges slowly and then subsides into stunned disbelief.”
John Preston

The Daily Telegraph

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