La Strada

Drama | Italian with English subtitles | 115 minutes


Gelsomina, a young Italian woman, is forced to join Zampano, a street performer, as his assistant. Zampano’s payment to the mother is a meager 10,000 lire. Gelsomina performs well but Zampano treats her cruelly. Gelsomina finally rebels and  escapes. She meets and is attracted to Il Matto, a high-wire artist. Zampano tracks her down and forces her to return. Together with Il Matto, they join a traveling circus. Il Matto repeatedly torments and teases Zampano until he cracks. In a brutal rage, Zampano murders Il Matto and then abandons Gelsomina. Years later, Zampano learns that a weakened GelsomIna has died. Realizing the destruction he created Zampano bursts into tears as he drunkenly wanders onto the beach.

Giulietta Masina (Gelsomina) / Anthony Quinn (Zampano) / Richard Baseheart (Il Matto)
Why Stream This Film?

 Fellini has said that of all his films he was most attached to La Strada. For him it was “a complete catalogue of my entire mythological world, a dangerous representation of my identity that was undertaken with no precedent whatsoever.” Fellini suffered a nervous breakdown during filming that required medical treatment but he managed to finish the film. La Strada has become “…one of the most influential films ever made,” according to the American Film Institute.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 97%
  • Academy Awards: Winner, Best Foreign Language Film; Nominated, Best Screenplay
  • BAFTA Awards: Nominated, Best Film; Nominated, Best Foreign Actress (Giulietta Masina)
  • Venice International Film Festival: Winner, Silver Lion
  • New York Film Critics Circle Awards: Winner, Best Foreign Language Film
LA STRADA  is the first film that can be called entirely FELLINIESQUE.
Roger Ebert

Signor Fellini has used his small cast, and equally important, his camera, with the unmistakable touch of an artist. His vignettes fill his movie with beauty, sadness humor and understanding.
A.H. Weiler

The New York Times

The story is filled with pathetic and poetic moments and often is both very touching and extremely amusing.


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