Breaking the Codes–The Triumph of the Codebreakers

Documentary | English | 73 minutes


U.S. military planners knew  the next big Japanese attack after Pearl Harbor was imminent. They were convinced it would be in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, gateway to North America. However, the codebreakers fortunately deciphered that the Japanese planned to attack Midway 3,000 miles away. The U.S. hurriedly repositioned its carriers and battleships from the Aleutians to  Midway. It was an awesome victory for the U.S. and the turning point of the war. So it was in Europe where an isolated and beleaguered Great Britain was being clobbered by the air blitz and the U-boat submarines. Again,  codebreakers were able to provide the British with vital information that enabled them to survive. This is what Breaking the Codes – The Triumph of the Codebreakers is all about. 

Major Participants
David Kahn- Historian / William Woolard- Historian / Capt. J.P. Adams
Why Stream This Documentary?
Without the extraordinary work of the  codebreakers, who knows, the Allies may have lost the war. The codebreakers were  invaluable, these unsung heroes.

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