Northanger Abbey

Drama | English | 86 minutes


Seventeen-year-old Catherine Morland is a tomboy with a wild imagination and a passion for Gothic novels. Catherine readily accepts an invitation from family friends to spend the summer with them in Bath.  At her first ball, Catherine meets and dances with Henry Tilney. Catherine also meets the Thorpe family and befriends their daughter Isabella and her brother John. Sometime later, Isabella tells Catherine that John plans to propose marriage to her. Catherine quickly dashes off a letter saying this is a mistake. Henry is her true love. However, Henry’s father tries to dissuade him from marrying Catherine claiming her family is poor.  Henry loves Catherine and wants to marry her even if he knows he will probably be disinherited.

Felicity Jones (Catherine Morland) / JJ Feild (Henry Tilney) / Carey Mulligan (Isabella Thorpe) / William Beck (John Thorpe)
Why Stream This Film?
An unusual Austen film in that the lead character, Catherine, struggles between reality and intense fantasies. And yet, Catherine is Austen’s sweetest, gentlest, most childlike heroine. 
  • Irish Film and Television Awards: Nominated, Best Cinematography
A wonderfully evocative adaptation written with flair and imagination by Andrew Davies. The film is shot beautifully by Ciarán Tanham while composer Charlie Mole’s score adds to the quickening pace of Catherine’s fantasies.
Ray Bennett

The Hollywood Reporter

Yes, yes, more Austen! It’s the perfect Sunday evening blend of erudition and pretty frocks.
The Guardian staff

The Guardian

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