The Killing Fields 

Drama | English, French, Khmer with English subtitles | 141 minutes


Sydney Schanberg, The New York Times correspondent in Cambodia from 1972to 1975, covered the defeat of the U.S.-backed Lon Nol regime by the Communist Khmer Rouge forces. The battles are brutal and the atrocities by the KhmervRouge are incredible. Schanberg teams upwith a localtranslatore, Dith Pran and an alcholic photographer, Al Rockoff. In 1975, the embassies in Phnom Penh, the capitalof Cambodia are evacuated when word is rceived Khmer Rouge troops are arriving. Schanberg attempts to rescue Pran and family but Pran is unable to secure a valid passport and chooses to stay behind. Pran is captured and forced to be indoctrinated in a work camp. Back in New York, Schanberg is haunred he wasn’t able to save Pran. Pran manges to escape and is traumatized when he passes the “killing fields” where he seesthe bodies of three million Cambodians out of a population of seven million, whe were murdered ordiedofstarvation. In New York, Schanberg continues to look for Pran and wonders if he will ever see his good friend again. 

Sam Waterston ( Sydney Schanberg) / Haing S. Ngor (Dith Pran) / John Malkovich (Al Rockoff)
Why Stream This Film?
John Simon of the National Review wrote, “For all its flaws, THE KILLING FIELDS is an important, indeed necesary, film.” 
  • Rotten Tomatoe Score: 93%
  • Academy Awards: Winner, Best Supporting Actor (Haing S. Ngor); Nominated, Best Picture, Nominated Best Director  (Roland Joffé); Best Actor (Sam Waterston)
  • Golden Globe Awards: Winner, Best Supporting Actor ( Haing S. Ngor); Nominated, Best Picture; Best Actor (Sam Waterston)
  • National Board of Review Listed, Top Ten Films of the Year
“Of all the movies made about America’s experience in Indochina, THE KILLING FIELDS is the simplest and most serious, and because the truths of war tend to be simple and serious, the best.” 
Paul Attanasio

The Washington Post

“THE KILLING FIELDS is a faithful adaptation. Photographed mainly on location in Thailand, in jungles, paddy fields, and cities made to apear ravaged, the movie looks amazingly authentic. There’s not a cheap shot in the entire film.”
Manohla Dargis

The New York Times

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