Wild Strawberries

Drama | Swedish with English subtitles | 91 minutes


Grouchy and egotistical Swedish professor, Isak Borg, sets out by car from Stockholm to Lund University, his alma mater, to receive an honorary doctorate. He is accompanied by his daughter-in-law, Marianne. Their relationship is fractious as the pregnant Marianne intends to divorce Borg’s son. While driving, Borg daydreams of old age and impending death. He picks up a series of hitchhikers, each one reminding Borg of his troubled past.   One hitchhiker, a young lady, looks much like  his childhood  sweetheart Sara; he recalls his happy days with Sara picking wild strawberries by the seaside.  Borg arrives at the university and receives his honorary degree. But he feels empty and lonely. Can he find closure? In the waning years of his life, can he attain peace and contentment? 

Victor Sjöström (Professor Isak Borg) / Bibi Andersson (Sara) / Ingrid Thulin (Marianne Borg)
Why Stream This Film?
 The Vatican listed Wild Strawberries on its Best Films list citing the extraordinary portrayal of a man’s “interior journey from pangs of regret and anxiety to a refreshing sense of peace and reconciliation.”
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 94%
  • Metacritic Score: 88
  • 7Berlin International Film Festival: Winner, Golden Bear (Best Picture)
  • Golden Globe Awards: Winner, Best Foreign Film
Superb use of flashbacks and a brilliant performance by Sjostrom make this Bergman classic an emotional powerhouse. Still a staple of any serious filmgoer’s education.
Leonard Maltin

Leonard Maltin's MOVIE GUIDE

This is one of the truly outstanding works of post-war European cinema. Ingmar Bergman’s allegorical road-movie slips between present and past, dream and reality, to explore the external and internal worlds of its ageing central character.
Tom Dawson


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