Series |Hebrew and Farsi, with English subtitles | 1 season (8 episodes). Each episode is 45 minutes


Tamar Rabinyan is a Jewish Mossad agent born in Iran but raised in Israel. Because of her expertise in computer hacking, she is ordered to infiltrate Iran and disable the country’s air defenses prior to an Israeli air attack on Iran’s nuclear facility. The first attempt fails and she is forced to go into hiding. Meanwhile, Faraz Kamali, head of investigations of the Revolutionary Guards, is aware of her presence in his country and is  determined to find her. The pursuit leads to tragic results for many who are innocent. It becomes a conflict in which there are few winners.

Niv Sultan (Tamar Rabinyan) / Shaun Toub (Faraz Kamali)
Why Stream This Film?
Tehran is a thrilling espionage film, but it’s also about the human cost on both sides when a spy infiltrates  an enemy country. This added dimension makes it a truly remarkable film.  In an interview, Niv Sultan (who plays Tamar) said the following: “Iran is an amazing country. But for now, I’m focusing on the possibility that maybe our series will open people’s hearts and maybe open some dialogue between Israelis and Iranians.”  Let’s hope.  
  • Metacritic Score: 72
  • With its strong and compelling message, AppleTV+ will be making Teheran available in 135 countries


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Apple TV+’s new spy thriller, the Israeli but Iran-set TEHRAN, is as much about the human cost of espionage as it is about the thrills of infiltration. The production is teeming with humanity with the many urbanscapes particularly compelling in their persuasiveness. With its heart on its sleeve, TEHERAN’ is a better tragedy than it is a thriller–and perhaps intended that way.
Inkoo Kang

The Hollywood Reporter

Apple has struck the motherlode with TEHRAN, an irresistibly tense conspiracy thriller from Moshe Zonder,  one of the brightest talents in the New Wave of Israeli cinema.
Ed Power

The Telegraph, U.

I’m giving TEHERAN a big thumbs up!
Adrian Hennigan


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