Crossing Delancey

Comedy | English | 97 minutes


Isabelle “Izzy” Grossman is a 30-ish, attractive, smart woman, who has a dream job working in a bookstore where she can meet interesting and intellectual authors. But her endearing Bubbie (grandmother), living on the Lower East Side, feels Izzy’s life is incomplete without a husband.  Bubbie turns to a local marriage broker to find someone suitable. Izzy is shocked and annoyed at this intrusion into her private life, but she loves  Bubbie and goes along. The first candidate is Sam Posner, the proprietor of a pickle store, with the motto, “A joke and a nickel buys you a pickle.” At first, Izzy is not interested in Sam believing he’s too working-class for her. She prefers a New York intellect and author like Anton. At a store reading, anxious to impress, Sam arrives wearing a suit. Izzy is touched. She agrees to meet Sam that evening at Bubbie’s apartment. But the suave Anton makes his move until Izzy realizes that Anton wants her solely as an assistant and not a loving partner. Izzy sees the light and realizes that Sam is her true love. She races to Bubbie’s hoping Sam will still be there, that it’s not too late.  

Amy Irving (Isabelle “Izzy” Grossman / Peter Riegert (Sam Posner) / Reizl Bozyk Ida “Bubbie” Kantor / Jeroen Krabbé (Anton)
Why Stream This Film?
Crossing Delancey is the ultimate Jewish rom-com. It’s an endearing story of  an attractive young woman finding and smartly grabbing the right person to love.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 89%
  • Golden Globes Awards: Nominated, Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Amy Irving)
  • Casting Society of America: Nominated, Best Casting of a Feature Film (Meg Simon, Fran Kumin)
In an unexpectedly enjoyable way, CROSSING DELANCEY addresses one of the great societal issues of our day—the dilemma of how a 30-ish, attractive, successful, intelligent, and unmarried female finds a mate she can be happy with.


What makes CROSSING DELANCEY so appealing is the warm and leisurely way it arrives at its inevitable conclusion. Director Joan Micklin Silver and the writer, Susan Sandler, manage to combine a down-to-earth, contemporary outlook with the dreaminess of a fairy tale.
Janet Maslin

The New York Times

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