Our Planet

Series | English | 1 season (8 episodes). 


Each segment of this eight-part series documents the destruction of a major part of this planet. Highlights are: polar bears, walruses, seals, and penguins dying because of global warming; birds, orangutans, and giant ants fighting to survive in the jungle; the losing battle to protect marine creatures like sharks and urchins; elephants and bisons seeking sustenance in grasslands that are harder to find; the reduction around the world of precious fresh water; and the need to save from extinction so many creatures like the bald eagle and Siberian tigers. The series is riveting, awesome, and mostly, very disturbing.  

Principal Participants
David Attenborough (English Narrator) / Salma Hayek (Mexican/Latin American Narrator) / Penelope Cruz (Spanish Narrator)
Why Stream This Film?
Yes, it’s beautiful and stunning to look at. But it’s also a wake-up call  how we must correct the terrible things atrocities happening on our planet. We’ve seen and heard this  before, but never so vividly and comprehensively as in this eight-segment documentary.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 93%
  • Metacritic Score: 83
  • Primetime Emmy: Winner, Outstanding Narrator (David Attenborough); Outstanding Documentary; Outstanding Writing
  • International Film Music Critics Award: Winner, Best Original Score for a Documentary
  • International Documentary Association: Nominated, Best Episodic Series

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The Netflix series doesn’t just acknowledge climate change—it charges its audience to take responsibility. The series reminds us with every rapturous new image that the wild spaces of the earth are dying off, disappearing, or already extinct. The result is a painfully beautiful eight-hour experience, bewitching in its loveliness and diversity even as it agitates, relentlessly, for human action against climate change.
Sonia Saraiya


OUR PLANET appeals to the sense of wonder as viscerally as any of its predecessors, but to a purpose. Here is this beautiful, rare thing, each episode says. It didn’t used to be rare. But it is now. And here is how we’re responsible. And here is a tangible thing we might do to fix it. The arc of each installment runs from beauty to loss to a concrete, hopeful example of a battered ecosystem that’s recovered.
James Poniewozik

The New York Times

Netflix’s breathtaking, multimillion-dollar nature show has stolen BBC’s thunder. It looks as spectacular as you would expect.
Lucy Mangan

The Guardian

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