Series| In Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles | 2 Seasons (12 episodes, 45 minutes each) | Original Release: February 15, 2015


Filmed primarily in the West Bank, the plot revolves around the brutal conflicts between Israeli Special Forces and Hamas. The story begins when Israeli commander, Doron Kavillo, is informed that he did not succeed in killing terrorist Taufiq Hammed. He is still alive. Doron, now retired, is then persuaded to give up his dream of cultivating a vineyard and return to his unit to finish the job. What ensues are tragic confrontations as both sides are obsessed with revenge. There are no winners as  Israeli and Palestinian participants, fighting each other, end up mourning for their dead.


 Hisham Sulliman (Taufiq Hammed) / Lior Raz (Doron Kavillo)

Why Stream This Film?
Many current Middle Eastern experts believe that peace between the Palestinians and Israelis will not happen in our lifetime. Meanwhile, the killing continues while both sides weep as they bury their dead. FAUDA (which means chaos in Arabic) is a searing story of how these lives interact and the suffering endured, especially by the many innocent bystanders.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus) 100% 100%
  • Israeli Academy Awards—Best Drama Series, Best Actor (Lior Raz), Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Sound.
  • Best International Film Series,  The New York Times

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Taut and suspenseful. FAUDA is also a family drama, in a way that America thrillers can’t really duplicate.  The opposing sides live in such close quarters, and with so much shared history, that wives, children, cousins, and girlfriends get caught up in danger in believable ways, without the manufactured plot twists American dramas employ to put family members in jeopardy.
Mike Hale

The New York Times

It’s a doozy of a political action thriller, a grabber from the get-go, and wildly compelling. There is a hushed, intelligent quality to it and an acrid sense of pessimism. Lies are easily told, male rage triumphs over pragmatism and, in the end, there is always someone dead in a dreary room while, somewhere else, somebody is weeping quietly. 
John Doyle

The Globe and Mail

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