The Kominsky Method

Film Series | In English | 2 Seasons (16 episodes). Each episode is between 22 and 33 minutes | Original Release: November 16, 2018


It’s about a long-term friendship between Sandy Kominsky,  a revered acting coach, and Norman Newlander, a retired successful Hollywood agent. The two genuinely  cherish their friendship even with its many ups-and-downs. They are both old, cranky, and very funny. They fight a lot, but they also need each other to deal with their frustrations in Los Angeles, a city that values youth and beauty. Sandy gravitates to Lisa, his  divorced student, and he wonders if he can still grapple with sex and love at his age. Meanwhile, Norman, who just lost his beloved wife Eileen, receives comfort from Sandy while deciding whether it might be best to go back to work. It’s a series that combines great humor with touches of pathos. The second season focuses on Martin, a bald, pony-tailed much older boyfriend of Sandy’s daughter, Mindy, and Norman’s new love, Madelyn.

Michael Douglas (Sandy Kominsky) / Alan Arkin (Norman Newlander) / Nancy Travis (Lisa) / Susan Sullivan (Eileen) / Paul Reiser (Martin) / Sarah Baker (Mindy) / Jane Seymour (Madelyn)
Why Stream This Film?
It is so well-done and so successful, that Netflix quickly produced a second season.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 80
  • Metacritic Score: 68
  • American Film Institute Awards—Top 10 TV Programs of the Year
  • Golden Globe Awards—Best Television Series; Best Actor–Television Series Musical or Comedy (Michael Douglas)
  • Critics’ Choice Television Awards—Best Comedy Series; Best Actor in a Comedy Series (Michael Douglas)

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A tender yet hilariously brittle eight-episode dramedy. It’s a thoughtfully conceived, single-camera, funny/sad story about two older men—an actor and his agent—coping with mortality and other lion-in-winter agenda items: loneliness, professional decline, prostrate problems and general entropy. The show is snarky but personable, with most of the pleasure coming from Arkin and Douglas’s expert depiction of that rarest of things—a frank and honest friendship between two men.
Hank Stuever

The Washington Post.

There’s an inevitable specter of mortality that hangs over “THE KOMINSKY METHOD” and makes it bittersweet, yet it’s at least as fixated on a long-term male friendship. Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin are stellar blending jokes about getting old with serious reflections on aging.
Dan Fienberg

The Hollywood Reporter

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