The War Is Over

Series | Italian with English subtitles | 1 season (8 episodes). Each episode is 50 minutes

In this touching real-life drama, an engineer and a group of educators care for Jewish orphans after World War II. They find refuge in an abandoned estate in the northern Italian town of Selvino. The estate is owned by a marchioness with her own tragic connections to the war. There were no families waiting for these children. It is with the help of  kind and dedicated people that the children learn how to live again and overcome their horrible memories. The town built a museum commemorating this event and some remaining survivors return for emotional   reunions. The film was adapted from Aharon Megged’s book, “The Story of the Selvino Children: Journey to the Promised Land.” 
Michele Riondino ( engineer) / Isabella Ragonese ( psychologist)
Why Stream This Film?
Children are invariably the innocent, tragic victims  of a brutal war. Most lost their families and find themselves alone. Only with the benevolence of dedicated strangers do they have a shot of surviving. The War is Over is about such children and the heroic people who cared for  and loved them.  

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